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Rsolution.be Dynamic DNS service - FAQ

  • What is DDNS?
    • DDNS allows you to access your home computer by a domainname, without the need of an IP. (eg. http://myname.l-nk.be)
    • You can update your IP by running a little program on your PC/Router to your chosen domainname.
    • We also offer a webpage to update your IP in your browser!
  • This service is ideal to connect to your home computer by using your ISP's connection with Dynamic IP:
    • Access your security camera via your ISP network.
    • Connect to your webserver, VNC, SSH, telnet, NAS, Xbox, Playstation,.. at home.
  • Update your IP over http(s):
    • Windows install/configuration tool: download our Windows IP updater.
      • Automated setup, only answer yes/no and your computer is setup to auto-update it's IP.
      • Including automatic Port Forwarding via NAT-PMP, it automaticly configures your router to forward ports to your internal network computer!
      • Low footprint!
    • On Linux/Unix with "inadyn" (Available for Win/Mac/Linux) download Inadyn
      • inadyn.exe --username **YourEMAIL/Username** --password **YourPASS** -a "hostname=**YourDomain**" --dyndns_system custom@http_svr_basic_auth --dyndns_server_name rsolution.be:80 --dyndns_server_url DynDNS/? --ip_server_name rweb.be /Ip/
    • On Android with "Dynamic DNS client" download "Dynamic DNS client" on Google Play
      • Open the settings:
      • - Fill "Update domain" with "http://rsolution.be/DynDNS/"
      • - Fill your "hostname". (myname.l-nk.be)
      • - Fill your "Username" with Email. (NOT username!)
      • - Fill your "Password".
      • - Check "Public IP address".
      • You are ready!
    • Update your IP with a cron-job via CURL or WGET:
      • curl "http://rsolution.be/DynDNS/" --data "u=**YourEMAIL/Username**&p=**YourPASS**&hostname=**YourDDNSDomain**"
      • wget -O - "http://rsolution.beDynDNS/?u=**YourEMAIL/Username**&p=**YourPASS**&hostname=**YourDDNSDomain**"
      • Schedule this script every 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Programs/tips:
    • Our service is compliant with most other DYNDNS-services
    • We support GET, POST and HTTP-authentication
  • About this service
    • This service is provided as-is, contact us for our commercial version.

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